Personal Creativity and Embodiment Retreats


I invite you to a day of rest, creativity and play to nourish and revitalize your body and soul, held in a beautiful, private home overlooking the ocean.

This personal retreat is for you if you’d like a gentle and accessible space to just be and explore what feels good for your unique self, slow down and feel held and inspired by the natural beauty around you. You may simply desire a day for self care and rejuvenation or want to mark an important life transition and reconnect and orient yourself to this new path.

Whether you are hoping to create space for loving and living in the body you have now, or wanting to mark a transition such as entering into motherhood, menopause or recovering from a life-changing illness, this retreat is a place where you can be held and supported.

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In a safe, nurturing environment, we will explore gentle, restorative yoga, meditation and and movement to find your ground and sense of belonging in and around you, easing you into relaxation and allowing your nervous system to settle, unwind and receive.

You will have the opportunity to experience a time to slow down and find sanctuary in nature. Exploring the outer landscape and nature’s rhythms allows us to slow down and connect with our own natural rhythms, inner nature and find replenishment and aliveness. It is also a way to appreciate, reconnect and heal our relationship with our body, by deep listening and coming back to our wisdom and intuition.

This is a space where you have the permission to embrace creativity, pleasure, play and joyful movement.

We all have the right to have access to feeling peace, joy, beauty and connection,

no matter what size, shape, age or ability of our body.

The outer landscape may inspire and support us to use its metaphors such as: flowing with the ocean or finding stability and support in the mountains, rocks and trees, and connection with our breath and the rhythm of the waves and wind.

Each retreat will be customized to your needs and desires, and may include:

  • walking, being, gentle movement, yoga and meditation in nature

  • expressive arts and writing

  • a time to create a ritual, mark a transition or celebrate a birthday

  • a time for self care, renewal and visioning

  • guidance in creating a ritual of releasing old stories, stress, and bringing in what is nourishing, replenishing, and life-affirming

  • other somatic (body-based) therapeutic processes

  • practices of mindful eating and opening the senses

  • deep nourishment of connecting to nature

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There is no comparison, we all can start from where we are in the healing process No yoga or art experience necessary. The experience will be tailored to your needs.

Retreat details:

Choose a day/time that works best for you. Most personal retreats are held on Fridays 10-2, but there may be flexibility.

Daylong Cost: $500

Contact Alecia if you have any questions or to find out more information about this retreat.

Phone: 415 342-9643


Disclaimer: No movement or art experience necessary. Our use of dance, movement, art, and writing is more focused on the creative process rather than the product. Although, my hope is that this retreat is healing and therapeutic, it is not meant to replace therapy. Your insights and experience may be used to deepen and enliven your current experience in therapy or start a new psychotherapy process.

About Alecia Singer, LMFT

About Alecia Singer, LMFT

I help women heal their relationship to food and find peace, vitality and joy in the bodies they have now. My love and belief in the power of the arts and creative expression profoundly inform my work. I have my own arts and healing practice and enjoy dance, painting, and poetry, as well as practicing yoga and mindfulness. I am deeply nourished by spending time in nature. and have been on a lifelong journey of healing the relationship to my body and embracing my life force and creativity throughout various life cycles, body shapes and changes. I received my MA in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Expressive Arts therapy from California Institute of Integral Studies and am also a graduate from the Tamalpa Institute in movement based Expressive Arts Therapy. I have advanced training in yoga therapy, mindfulness, Guided imagery and EMDR therapy for trauma. 

I look forward to working with you!

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