Reclaim & Rejoice


Transform Negative Body Image and Find Vitality, Joy and Peace in the Body You Have NOW

A private one-month program with a transformational ritual and retreat in nature tailored just for you.

As a creative woman committed to your self discovery, all the steps you have taken on this path of healing have led you to this moment...

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You are ready to shed the layers of self-criticism and negative body image that still hold you back.

You may be entering a new life passage, or you’ve had a recent body change or illness - and that negative self-talk and inner critic is creeping in again. You hoped it was gone, but here it is again.

And so you Wait... waiting for the day you are comfortable enough in your skin to really live your life to the fullest.

But what if that day is NOW?

The day you:

Find love, embark on your dream career, finally start that creative project, or simply feel contentment, ease and freedom in your body.

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Imagine feeling deeply held and supported by the healing power of nature, expressing your unique spirit through your creativity, gently opening your heart, and feeling the beauty around you radiate through your being... your body right now.

Imagine feeling deeply held and supported by the healing power of nature, expressing your unique spirit through your creativity, gently opening your heart, and feeling the beauty around you radiate through your being... your body right now.

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We all have the right to have access to feeling joy, beauty and pleasure

no matter what size, shape, age or ability of our body.

There is no need to wait any longer...

Reclaim & Rejoice will support you to:

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  • Deeply nourish yourself, and finally feel at home in your body.

  • Know that your value is more than your body and doesn’t change even when your body changes.

  • Listen to and learn how to trust your body’s wisdom and intuition.

  • Embrace creativity, pleasure, play, and joyful movement.

  • Free yourself from negative mindsets and generations of familial and societal body shame that is not aligned with your values... and was never yours to hold.

  • Release stress and overwhelm and start feeling more alive.

  • Set boundaries on what doesn’t feel true and give back your time and energy to what you truly love.

  • Feel more comfortable to rest and nurture yourself because you feel more satisfied and at ease.

  • Create more healthy relationships and meaningful work by connecting to what truly fulfills you.

Free yourself from the “shoulds” and “not enoughs” and find true Body Liberation!

In a materialistic society that promotes diet culture, we’re fed the notion that we can “take control” or “feel more confident” over our life by dieting or changing our bodies, and that we can’t trust our own instincts, hunger, desires and contentment.


The reality is that this mindset actually contributes to insecurity and shame that disconnects us from our bodies, desires, and what is truly healthy for our whole being..

There is more potential to feel calm, grounded, or confident when we are connected to our feelings, intuition, and sensations and trust what truly nourishes us- body, mind, and spirit.

Consequently, we are more able to tolerate and explore our vulnerability and ”heavy” emotions that are necessary to feel alive and authentic. We are not so frightened of becoming these feelings or blaming our body when we feel pain, because we know our beauty and worth can not so easily be taken away because it isn’t superficial or only what society deems acceptable.

We may even need to grieve for and let go of the illusion of protection of what we thought the old body image and perfectionism gave us, to slowly step into this new way of being.

We may even need to grieve for and let go of the illusion of protection of what we thought the old body image and perfectionism gave us, to slowly step into this new way of being.

And since this wound of feeling a loss of our sense of belonging, rejection, or cut off from ourselves happens through the body, it is essential to heal through inhabiting our bodies in a new way. Connecting with nature and opening up to our creativity can be great allies on this path.

This is how your journey works:


Experience the healing power of nature as you slow down into retreat time. Your body and nervous system will start to relax and feel safe to start unwinding and receiving.

Slowing down and being in nature is the medicine, the antidote to start to pause, feel, listen... You will have an opportunity to use the resources of nature to have experiences of feeling deeply rooted and held by the trees, earth, sand, and rocks...


Through offerings that will bring you into your senses, in touch with your creativity and what inspires you.

Find flow and power dancing with the ocean, opening to your freedom as you spread your wings and glide with the birds, allowing your body to reimagine, create a new story and have a cellular experience of what you may be longing for and now have a touchstone to come back to.


Old patterns of pain, stress, exhaustion, negative mindset, and coping skills that are not working anymore.

Let the power of the wind, ocean, and fire support you in creating a ritual of letting go.


Your connection with your body, feelings, boundaries, time, energy, creativity.

Create a dance, piece of art, or a nature altar to claim this new path of healing. Play...


You will be given yoga, mindfulness, arts, and nature practices that will help you stay in connection with the retreat and deepen your experience.

You will be introduced to the concepts of Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size, and other resources and communities and have the opportunity to join a new movement and paradigm of healing. You are not meant to be alone in this healing journey.

Program Details

If you live locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, sessions can be done all in person or a hybrid of virtual and in-person retreat. If you live outside of the Bay area, introductory and Integration sessions can be done virtually, and stay at a nearby Airbnb or hotel for the nature retreat.

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Welcome Gift

A week before your program begins, you will receive a welcome gift and journal. I will provide you with prompts and questions so you can start reflecting and preparing for your journey.

Journal Gift

Opening session

90 Minutes in person at my San Francisco office or Virtually

Tell your body story and how you wish to heal and reimagine it. Set intentions, dreams, desires for the retreat, Identify blocks and issues you want to move through. We will collaborate to create and design the retreat with modalities you feel most drawn to.

In-Person Retreat in Nature

4 hours usually scheduled Fridays approximately 10am-2pm

Located in a beautiful, secluded location and studio overlooking the beach. I will guide you through yoga, breathing, and mindfulness practices to calm the nervous system and release stress in the body so that there may be more potential to access the healing of the natural environment. Tailored to your individual needs, we will integrate art, movement, dance, and writing to deepen your experience. You will also have an opportunity to create a ritual of releasing and reclaiming.

There will also be a tea and snack break and mindful eating practices.

You have the option of extending your stay and walking, journaling or resting on the beach, or hiking nearby hiking trails to integrate the experience.

Create a nurturing body liberation practice

I will offer nature practices, mini yoga, breath, mindfulness practices to create a home program. I will supply you with some ideas and prompts to spark your creativity to process and deepen your experience - such as collage, poems, nature dances, and a home altar.

I will also create an individualized guided imagery recording for you to have to support your healing.


Closing Integration Session

60 minutes: In-person at my San Francisco office or Virtually. 

This will take place 1-2 weeks after your retreat, to explore your insights, reflections and answer any questions and support you in your continued practice, and offer resources.

Program Cost: $1275 

Payment plan available.

Are you ready to embark on this journey and reclaim your body and life now?

Schedule a free phone consultation to discuss the details of your personal Reclaim & Rejoice Program.


Disclaimer: No movement or art experience necessary. Our use of dance, movement, art, and writing is more focused on the creative process rather than the product. Although, my hope is that this retreat is healing and therapeutic, it is not meant to replace therapy. Your insights and experience may be used to deepen and enliven your current experience in therapy or start a new psychotherapy process.

About Alecia Singer, LMFT

About Alecia Singer, LMFT

I help women heal their relationship to food and find peace, vitality and joy in the bodies they have now. My love and belief in the power of the arts and creative expression profoundly inform my work. I have my own arts and healing practice and enjoy dance, painting, and poetry, as well as practicing yoga and mindfulness. I am deeply nourished by spending time in nature. and have been on a lifelong journey of healing the relationship to my body and embracing my life force and creativity throughout various life cycles, body shapes and changes. I received my MA in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Expressive Arts therapy from California Institute of Integral Studies and am also a graduate from the Tamalpa Institute in movement based Expressive Arts Therapy. I have advanced training in yoga therapy, mindfulness, Guided imagery and EMDR therapy for trauma. 

I look forward to working with you!

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