Individual Day Retreats in Nature

Alecia is now offering half day 3 hour individual retreats in a beautiful coastal setting less than an hour from San Francisco.

You will have the opportunity to experience a time to slow down and find sanctuary in nature. Exploring the outer landscape and nature’s rhythms allows us to connect with our own natural rhythms, inner nature and find replenishment and aliveness. It is also a way to appreciate, reconnect and heal our relationship with our body, by deep listening and coming back to our instincts and intuition.

The outer landscape may inspire and support us to use its metaphors such as: flowing with the ocean or finding stability and support in the mountains, rocks and trees, and connection with our breath and the rhythm of the waves and wind.

Each individual retreat will be customized to your own needs, and may include:

  • Walking, being, gentle movement, yoga and meditation in nature
  • Expressive arts,  and writing
  • Guidance in creating a ritual
  • Other somatic(body-based) therapeutic processes
  • Practices of mindful eating

Day retreats may allow:

  • A deeper dropping in to the therapeutic process than the traditional  therapy hour allows for.
  • Exploration of a specific theme
  • Deep nourishment of connecting to nature
  • A time to create a ritual, mark a transition or celebrate a birthday
  • A time for self care, renewal and visioning
  • Enhancing creativity, curiosity and playfulness to support new patterns, create new stories, support authenticity and release limiting beliefs

“So come to the pond, or the river of your imagination, or the harbor of your longing, and put your lips to the world. And live your life.”

– Mary Oliver